Commuting From Seattle WA

As a city with tons of corporate headquarters, Seattle, WA, is home to dozens of thriving organizations and thousands of enthusiastic contributors. If you’re one of these individuals (or will soon be), looking for the next place to call home is probably on your to-do list. Luckily, finding apartments commutable from Seattle, WA, is a breeze. You don't have to live right in the city to easily access it. If you’re looking for your next apartment to be on the outskirts of the city limits so you can enjoy the luxuries of quieter living, Ascend Maple Valley has tons of rental options available so you can easily commute to and from the city. With its proximity to the highway as well as several bus lines, your access to Seattle is both convenient and simple.If you prefer your commute to be via car so you can have some alone time or get a head start on some business calls, Ascend Maple Valley is conveniently close to Highway 18 so you can quickly (and easily) get to the office in a short time. Plus, the separation that the beltline creates from the city to Maple Valley offers its residents more privacy and greater access to outdoor activities and fresh air. You truly get the best of both worlds that the Pacific Northwest has to offer - urban access with the wonders of nature within easy reach.Another great bonus to living at Ascend Maple Valley is that it's super close to the bus line. Commuting via public transportation of course not only saves you money and is friendlier to the earth, but it also allows you the opportunity to catch a few more Zs, get your inbox cleared, or indulge in your favorite book or podcast as you’re traveling to and from work. Depending on your office’s location in the city, the 168 and 907 lines are within walking distance from our apartment community so you won’t even have to worry about getting to the bus stop.If you’re looking for apartments commutable from Seattle, WA, for a new job or to simply give yourself a break from the city, keep Ascend Maple Valley in mind as you’re searching. The community’s location offers tremendous convenience for getting to and from the Seattle city limits, making your commute easy so you can stress less and enjoy more! If you'd like to learn more about Ascend Maple Valley, or to schedule a tour of our apartments near Seattle, contact us today!